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A Canary in the Data Mine: NSA Takes Another Bite Out of Apple

If the canary hasn’t died, it has definitely been winged.

Apple, Inc. has changed its privacy policy (you know, those things that almost no one reads) and according to gigaom.com it has removed what is known as a “warrant canary.” A warrant canary is a statement within a company’s privacy policy that indicates it hasn’t received certain communications from, oh, lets say the NSA. When removed, it indicates the company has been served a secret subpoena by an intelligence service (NSA, FBI) regarding information it is holding on behalf of some customers, but are gagged from telling its customers about it. Continue reading A Canary in the Data Mine: NSA Takes Another Bite Out of Apple

BREAKING: Howard Stern’s Fart DID NOT Bring Down Flight MH17

First off, our condolences to the families of those lost on Malaysian flight MH17.

Now on to the ridiculousness… You really shouldn’t expect too much from 24 hour TV news anchors. You can expect milquetoast tripe in the way of questions, a general lack of pertinent information and a hyperbolic packaging of the useless trivia they do supply. But is this really all their fault? I doubt they write their own questions and they certainly have little, if any, say in the editorial direction. Come on now; these faces are just the blank canvases on which the editor marionettes paint their corporate commissioned lies.  There is one thing they can do however:

They can listen to the answers of the questions they actually posed.

Continue reading BREAKING: Howard Stern’s Fart DID NOT Bring Down Flight MH17

Opinions Differ…

“Opinions differ among the saints as well as among the sinners.”    – Abraham Lincoln

The Whee’s of a Lie…

“The wheels of a lie are greased with the truth.” – Toozie

Psst. It Was the CIA… Discussion of JFK Assassination

This is the conclusion to the live discussion on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy with Jim Marrs, Dick Russell, and Joan Mellen.
It was conducted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on 1-31-14.
I’ll end the suspense… They conclude it was the CIA. But watch the video anyway… there’s also some good advice.


Congresswomen in Davos, being interviewed on NSA matters, is interrupted for Bieber news. This is exactly what I would expect from the station that hires Mrs. Alan Greenspan to “report” what they consider “news.” How many of you know that Andrea Mitchell is Mrs. Alan Greenspan? (Fox and CNN are no better, to be fair)