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Message in a Bottle

Ok, so I’ve always been a message>messenger type guy. I also can’t say that I haven’t gotten a little frosty when hearing this and that about Edward J. Snowden’s ego from the moth balls on MSNBCCNNFOX, (or worse, David Gregory) when what I REALLY want to hear is the message. I want to understand it. It’s complex, and I need honest information brokers to help me crack the code. So I was looking forward to finally hearing from the man himself on March 10, when he spoke via echoey intertubes through myriad proxies to a sometimes confused SXSW Interactive audience.

Unfortunately, It’s almost as if encryption is such an important part of Snowden’s life right now, he chose to employ multiple iterations of his own voice to encrypt his answers to the questions posed by ACLU’s Ben Wizner and Christopher Soghoian. It’s hard enough that this stuff is in orbit over my head, I didn’t really need to try to parse that understanding with only the help of every third word.
As an occasional “AV” guy myself, I can only guess what happened, without having been there. But I have an idea. Either way it is for some reason comforting for me to know that Mr. Snowden, the same guy who brilliantly whistle blew a tune we all needed to hear by doing things I couldn’t dream of not being bored learning how to do, still has to rely on a good sound guy to get his message across.