Ode to the Spark: A Bernie Sanders delegate’s final thoughts on the Nevada Democratic Party 2016 Caucuses

by Mark Szczygiel
May 17th, 2017

Donald Trump is president. Hillary Clinton presently is vapor and Bernie Sanders is still campaigning. The new “cold war” is heating up. This is the state of affairs today.

Our pendulum swings in politics similar to the swings in our capitalistic economy. Some say only a revolution can fix it. Some have tried to a degree, Henry Wallace, MLK JrMcGovern - Copy.jpg., RFK, even JFK. Then stopped cold dead for the most part. I tried my part, beginning in 1972 – voting for George McGovern. Naïve empowerment filled me, not knowing in the background, my Democratic Party was throwing him to the wolves.

Enter Bernie Sanders and his “Our Revolution”. I took the bite – one last chance to make things right – one last swing to crack the proverbial vault and to vanquish the soulless, the contemptuous, the psychopaths from society’s command.

First, my wife and I caucused for Bernie in our precinct and we managed to get a tie in the body count. Surprising, considering it’s an affluent area. In the end, Hillary won by support from the Harry Reid’s controlled Culinary union. A feat documented by Jon Ralston calling Reid “Prince Harry” and delivering for Clinton. Onward and forward.

Bernie Grassroots Team
#TeamBernieNV meeting in Las Vegas. Photo via Facebook.

We met on Thursdays. Our group, #TeamBernieNV, was headed by Las Vegas activist Angie Morelli, who was intimately involved with the campaign of Bernie in Nevada for months before I joined. It took some time for me to get up to speed on the procedures and the people involved. These people, good people, committed people, made me feel there where sparks left to feed the revolution.

These sparks were popping up everywhere.

Bernie in Buffalo UB
Bernie Sanders draws a massive crowd at University of Buffalo, April 2016 (photo credit to DailyKos.com)

Huge crowds and polls showed the movement catching on. Can I say the word hope? Now more then ever I felt committed to something that may reverse the damage done by our rulers and their promises of “for the people”.


The next step in this adventure brought success. Our county caucus convention, with organization from #TeamBernieNV, brought over 500 delegates more for Bernie, winning the day and causing the Nevada Democratic Party to dig in deeper and do whatever was needed to assure a Hillary win.

The final step to this war of control – us versus them, was approaching. It was the state convention and the big league. Surely, Hillary’s campaign, Reid and the Nevada Democratic Party needed to punch a hole in the Bernie bubble. Our Thursday night meetings became intense, ideas flying, secret strategies from the campaign laid out, solutions rendered by decree, all with Angie tirelessly directing us, We had to work fast and overcome the never ending twists made by the party to ensure the successful fate of its’ preordained candidate. Changing convention rules with no consent, changing times and dates, having the convention on the graduation weekend of the two largest universities in the state, all to counter the Bernie movement.

Some of us worked the lists of reported committed Bernie delegates, attempting contact to remind them of the seriousness of being at the convention.

“Look for us and our blue TeamBernie shirts”, we said, and we will guide you through the process. Bernie tee shirtWell the lists were dreadful, maybe 1 out of 15 responded, strange I thought. To this day I am confused as to the source of these “lists”. Was  it just the campaign’s incompetence or  some unforeseen hand involved?


Now came the petitions we needed the Democratic Party to act on, nine in all, beginning with one to amend those “temporary rules” and try to even the playing field at the convention. We went through each of them at the meetings and decided on the best way to get these signed by hundreds of delegates. Angie, owning a printing company, supplied much of the literature to pass out and the blue Team Bernie tee shirts and arm bands, much to her own expense. As team members, the plan would be to position ourselves in the crowd and signal the Bernie group for a Yay or Nay voting position as needed as each item came up. Other smaller issues were considered and voted on for us to act on at the convention.

The convention came and went in a blur. We worked hard to get the signatures, answer questions and get the Bernie delegates registered. On Saturday, the convention started with a party official, using a condescending tone, announcing that there is a lost puppy on the Bernie side. We know where this is going. Bernie came up short by 31 on the delegate count; 58 Bernie delegates and 8 Hillary delegates were denied status. The NV Democratic Party ended up maneuvering past the petitions, steamrolling the temporary rules through, as well as everything else needed to complete their objective of keeping control far away from the Bernie movement. Chairs weren’t thrown and violence didn’t end the convention. All this is well documented from many perspectives found in articles from newspapers and websites. Here is the Snopes version, which coincides with what I witnessed.

I have my suspicions on the false narratives planted.  The famous tweet from Jon Ralston managed to reverberate through the establishment media like wildfire. Jon Ralsto Twitter chair throwToo contrived to be organic – too fast to be unexpected – and he was not even there to view it. Let’s just say he was Reid’s avatar. His writings, which included tweets before during and after this convention show a vindictive, snarky personality, a contempt for the Bernie believers, with a need to impress the big guy. Who knows what influence came through his Ralston’s Report, a subscription based website, with a corporate account option available. Maybe he is priming the pump to be the official biographer for his man, Harry Reid.

And, the taunting contempt from NV Democratic authorities that fanned the sparks into fire; was it designed in advance to steer the excited Bernie group to the outcome they needed? The play was well executed with some of the actors still unknown. Talk of Hillary plants and informers filled the void. I have my suspects. I also have my doubts that only Hillary and Reid’s people were involved. There is NO way a socialist leaning person is ever going get control of our precious democracy on a national level. No revolution is going to happen.

So, Angie, and our ragtag group of volunteers, took it on the chin, with Angie suffering the most. A great effort stopped cold dead. The establishment gambled, takes down the most popular politician, and now created an immediate danger. And so the “Our Revolution” limps on, now being gnawed at by the “The Resistance” – the establishment’s version of wanting things as Hillary and friends wants them.

Now, at this time, a revolution won’t bring down the corrupted capitalists, but the internal rot might. Here is Chris Hedges words on the end of capitalism:

“The final stages of capitalism, Karl Marx predicted, would be marked by global capital being unable to expand and generate profits at former levels. Capitalists would begin to consume the government along with the physical and social structures that sustained them. Democracy, social welfare, electoral participation, the common good and investment in public transportation, roads, bridges, utilities, industry, education, ecosystem protection and health care would be sacrificed to feed the mania for short-term profit. These assaults would destroy the host. This is the stage of late capitalism that Donald Trump represents.”

– Mark Szczygiel – lives and works in the Las Vegas area.  He is a life long Democrat as well as an avid follower of the Intelligence Community and its impact on the world and our individual lives.

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