Are Pharmaceutical Companies Responsible For Ignoring an Ebola Cure?

There has been a new untested treatment used on two Americans infected with the Ebola virus, sparking a controversy about a potential cure. However this isn’t the first controversy over an Ebola treatment. In 1995 during a breakout in Zaire, local doctors used a simple transfusion method on nine people. Despite vocal opposition from the Western doctors on the scene, eight of the nine people survived.

Inside you’ll hear Richard Carmona, Former Surgeon General of the US, plainly saying that these types of vaccines don’t have much interest from pharmaceutical companies because of their infrequent use… essentially because there hasn’t been money in it, until now apparently. However almost 30 years ago a simple, pharmaceutical free, solution may have worked on those eight of nine victims treated. Should we already have a cure?

This video contains clips from Huffington Post Live and PBS’ Nova – Ebola, The Plague Fighters.

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