BREAKING: Howard Stern’s Fart DID NOT Bring Down Flight MH17

First off, our condolences to the families of those lost on Malaysian flight MH17.

Now on to the ridiculousness… You really shouldn’t expect too much from 24 hour TV news anchors. You can expect milquetoast tripe in the way of questions, a general lack of pertinent information and a hyperbolic packaging of the useless trivia they do supply. But is this really all their fault? I doubt they write their own questions and they certainly have little, if any, say in the editorial direction. Come on now; these faces are just the blank canvases on which the editor marionettes paint their corporate commissioned lies.  There is one thing they can do however:

They can listen to the answers of the questions they actually posed.

It’s a novel idea, I know, but above is Krystal Ball commentating on the crashed Malaysian flight MH17. During this coverage she provides an exclusive interview with “Staff Sergeant Michael Boyd,” who is giving his nose-witness report of how Howard Stern intentionally brought down the airliner with a directed “fart-blast.” As you’ll see, this first pass flies right by poor Krystal. She doesn’t even ask what Howard Stern is doing in Asia. But Sergeant Boyd, clearly amazed and almost speechless by the reality of slipping by MSNBC’s last line of defense, lobbed a real softball for Krystal to handle while she was reading her next pre-fab question… “Well, you’re a real dumbass, aren’t ya?” Simple yes or no question for Ms. Ball.

She couldn’t muster an answer because lucky for her… she wasn’t listening.

– Toozie James.

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